Where to Download Multibit HD?

Multibit HD is a Bitcoin wallet that was popular during the 2010s. It superseded Multibit Classic before both of them were abandoned on July 26, 2017. As of today, many people still have Multibit wallets as they have not yet migrated to a more modern software. If you try to access multibit.org, you will see that the official website doesn’t exist anymore and you will instead be redirected to the GitHub repository of Multibit Classic – not Multibit HD.

If you are unfamiliar with GitHub, it is a website launched in 2008 where programmers can host the source code of software so they can collaborate with each other on it. While multibit.org redirects to the repository of Multibit Classic, you can find the repository of Multibit HD if you know where to look. There, you will find links to official copies of Multibit HD.

Download Multibit HD

Here are the links to download Multibit HD 0.5.1:

  • On Windows (SHA-256 hash: 6d6a760a0b069cef086895982e4a1ba3dc4e213c5443782853d3c967cdcbd926)
  • On Mac OS X (SHA-256 hash: c79e4e315576db7152a139f2c35aa5b47bc706a3df9669bfddba9bdeb9db4520)
  • On Linux (SHA-256 hash: 1b9841e2096de9288308dbc7bf76cd51b341211b7c78a88ab9dc8e7c3ba51325)

Can you trust these copies of Multibit HD?

Since these copies are hosted on Multibit’s official GitHub account, it is unlikely that they have been altered. Still, it is not impossible: Bitcoin wallets handle real money and this makes them an attractive target for hackers. As such, we should go the extra mile to confirm that your copy of Multibit is free from malware designed to steal your Bitcoins.

To do so, we will rely on VirusTotal, a website that was launched in June 2004 and that is now owned by a subsidiary of Google. We are going to use VirusTotal to check a few properties regarding your copy of Multibit. Most notably, we will look at its SHA-256 hash, which is used as a sort of signature meant for integrity checks. If the hash isn’t what we expect it to be, then the file was altered.

Go to VirusTotal and run a scan on the file you have downloaded from Multibit HD’s repository. Install Multibit only if you can verify the following:

  • Was the file flagged as malicious by any of the 60+ antiviruses? The answer should be no.
  • In the “Details” tab, when was the file first sent to VirusTotal? It should be in 2017.
  • In the “Details” tab, does the SHA-256 hash of your file match the one in this article? The answer should be yes.
  • Can the SHA-256 hash of your file be found in this release file? The answer should be yes.