6 Best Car GPS Trackers [Fully Tested By Experts]

Do you want to make sure your teen driver is safe? Or maybe you’re worried your employees aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing. If you’re looking to secretly track a vehicle without the driver knowing, then this article is for you. In this article, the security experts at Tracking System Direct have helped us to create a list of the best GPS car trackers on the market. Together we’ve tested and reviewed six top-selling products designed for discreetly monitoring any vehicle. So if you want to learn about their features, pros, cons, and how they can benefit you in ensuring safety and accountability we got you covered!

In our exploration for the top car GPS trackers, we prioritized value and functionality, ensuring easy storage and prompt tracking information. We focused on models with reasonable upfront costs and subscription fees to empower consumers in their purchases.

TLDR: What Is The Best Car GPS Tracker?

Your top choices for car GPS trackers are SpaceHawk GPS, Bounce and BrickHouse, with additional specialized options from Tracki, Vyncs, and Spytec making our list.

Best GPS Trackers: Our Testing Process

In this article, you’ll find car GPS trackers that underwent two rounds of reviews. We began by searching retailers like Amazon, RealTruck, and Advance Auto Parts for top products, considering factors like warranties, updates, customer ratings, and prices.

You can explore our testing process by ordering the car GPS trackers that met our standards. Testers evaluated each product on a testing vehicle, assessing app interface navigability, tracking accuracy, and device design. Each vehicle GPS tracker received a rating out of 5.0 stars based on these criteria. Discover more about our testing of car GPS trackers here.

1. SpaceHawk - Best Overall Wireless GPS Car Tracker

SpaceHawk GPS is the first mini GPS tracker designed to help you find out the truth. Yes, this GPS tracker with magnet is super versatile, making it a great solution if you want to track a teen driver, catch a cheating spouse, or find out where your company vehicles are going. This vehicle tracker offers real-time tracking data, a rechargeable battery, a waterproof design, and a magnetic body. But the best part? There are no additional accessories required like how you need a waterproof case with Tracki or SpyTec GL300, and the product is backed with free tech support for the life of the product. Oh, and did we mention this device is one of the smallest GPS trackers on the market!?

The SpaceHawk excels in accuracy, providing coordinates within 6.0 feet. Its super-strong magnet allows versatile placement on the vehicle. The device’s battery, lasting two to three weeks with regular updates, extends to six months in low-power mode. This makes the hidden car GPS tracker a solution for a variety of anti-theft and security applications.


  • The magnetic body allows versatile placement
  • Location accuracy within 6.0 feet
  • Ability to refresh device every three seconds
  • Less than $30
  • Free tech support for life


  • The battery requires recharging

Our Experience: With a 4.8 out of 5.0 star rating, the SpaceHawk GPS Tracker impressed with its design and tracking capabilities. Though the subscription is relatively expensive, the tracker provides detailed driving history, making it suitable for those comfortable with its update intervals.

Customer Feedback: The SpaceHawk GPS Tracker is an Amazon bestseller, praised for helpful technical support and a compact design. Negative feedback relates to claims of losing trackers in wet conditions due to magnetic body issues.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Real-time tracking data
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic body
  • SIM card with international tracking
  • One-year warranty

Price: $19.95

Visit Website: https://spacehawkgps.com/


2. Bouncie GPS Car Tracker: Best OBD2 Solution For Fleet Vehicles

Bouncie GPS Car Tracker, priced at $89.99 with a monthly subscription cost of $9, earns its title as the Best Overall Car GPS Tracker. Boasting an impressive Amazon review score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from approximately 4,800 ratings, this tracker provides real-time tracking through a user-friendly mobile app and connects effortlessly to the OBD-II port.

For an affordable $9 monthly subscription, the Bouncie outshines competitors, offering a lifetime warranty with its premium subscription. Despite the minor drawback of ceasing tracking when the vehicle is off, our overall rating for the Bouncie GPS Car Tracker is 4.8 out of 5.0.


  • Affordable monthly subscription
  • Lifetime warranty (included with premium subscription)


  • There is no data collection when the vehicle is off

Our Experience: With an impressive 4.8 out of 5.0 stars, the Bouncie excelled in accuracy and value. Although it stops tracking when the car is off, its ease of use, affordability, and real-time updates every 15 seconds make it a top choice. Ideal for those new to GPS devices, the Bouncie is recommended for accurate and budget-friendly tracking.

Customer Feedback: Positive reviews highlight real-time notifications, with one customer sharing a story of how the tracker potentially saved a life in an accident. Customers appreciate easy tracking of family members, making the Bouncie GPS Car Tracker an Amazon’s Choice for car GPS trackers.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Real-time tracking data
  • 15-second trip auto-refresh
  • Expansive mobile app
  • Connects to OBD-II port
  • A lifetime warranty included with subscription

Price: $89.99

3. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7: Best Customer Support

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7 is priced at $19.95 with a monthly subscription ranging from $17.99 to $34.99. It stands out as a battery-powered GPS tracker renowned for its tracking prowess. With an Amazon review score of 4.5 out of 5.0 based on over 6,000 reviews, this small and lightweight device comes with a mobile app and provides 60-second location updates.

Designed for versatility, the optional weatherproof magnetic GPS case allows for external placement, making it suitable for monitoring personal vehicles. However, the subscription cost might be deemed high for individual use. If you aim to monitor commercial vehicles or manage a fleet, the Spark Nano 7 offers valuable features, including fleet management and geofencing options.


  • Excellent tracking software with fleet management features
  • Small and lightweight
  • Long battery life


  • Monthly subscription is pricey

Our Experience: In our testing, both the Spark Nano 7 and the BrickHouse Security TrackPort 4G performed similarly. While the TrackPort requires connection to a vehicle’s OBD-II port, the Nano 7’s battery-powered design offers flexibility. Testing revealed accurate tracking, especially in motion, and a user-friendly app with various options.

Customer Feedback: Most customers utilize this GPS tracker for monitoring commercial vehicles or teenage drivers, praising the magnetic mount and extended battery life. Positive remarks highlight detailed tracking and responsive customer service. However, some users find the 60-second update interval inconsistent, and cancellation requires calling customer service.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Real-time tracking data
  • Mobile app
  • Battery-powered
  • 60-second location updates
  • Optional weatherproof magnetic GPS case ($79.95)

Price: $19.95

4. Tracki 4G Mini GPS: Top Seller On Amazon

Tracki 4G Mini GPS Tracker is priced at $9.88 with a monthly subscription cost of $19.95. The Tracki 4G Mini GPS Tracker boasts an Amazon review score of 4.1 out of 5.0 based on approximately 43,000 ratings. This highly versatile device offers multiple attachment options, including a magnet, belt clip, keychain, or lanyard, extending its utility beyond your vehicle.

Equipped with real-time tracking data, a 15-second refresh rate, and an international SIM card, this tracker provides accurate geofencing capabilities. The package includes a silicone water-resistant GPS cover, magnetic attachment, clip-on attachment, two double-sided 3M sticky pads, a micro USB charging cable, a screwdriver, replacement screws, and a lanyard.


  • Various app features with Tracki assistance
  • The package includes many accessories for vehicle placement
  • The most affordable device
  • Easy setup process


  • Requires charging every 2 to 3 days
  • Interface can be overwhelming for new users

Our Experience: Despite the 4G Mini’s need for frequent charging (every 2 to 3 days), its versatility and comprehensive app features earned it 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. It is recommended for those who value customizable tracking options and are willing to commit to a prepaid subscription plan.

Customer Feedback: Customers appreciate the 4G Mini’s small size and reliable warranty. Some note limited tracking ranges and occasional software malfunctions as drawbacks.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Real-time tracking data
  • 15-second refresh
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Five years of trip storage
  • International SIM card
  • Lifetime warranty

Price: $12.88

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5. Vyncs GPS: Best Choice For Vehicle Health Data

Vyncs GPS Tracker For Vehicles is priced at $79.99 with an activation fee of $39.99 and a subscription cost ranging from $99.99 to $119.99 per year, the Vyncs GPS Tracker For Vehicles stands out as a premium option with a 4.0 out of 5.0 Amazon review score based on approximately 7,000 ratings. Offering real-time tracking data, this device utilizes an international SIM card and connects seamlessly to the OBD-II port, eliminating the need for recharging.

While the basic plan is free, additional features like more frequent updates, driver safety upgrades, and roadside assistance come with a price. The Vyncs GPS Tracker is recommended for drivers seeking consistent vehicle health updates and location tracking, provided they are willing to invest in the added benefits.


  • Upgrades are available for roadside assistance and driver safety
  • SIM card for international use
  • Optional device-locating feature track more than just the vehicle


  • More expensive activation fee than other trackers
  • Some customer reviews mention poor customer service

Our Experience: With a score of 4.7 out of 5.0, the Vyncs GPS Tracker impressed us with its tracking capabilities and user-friendly setup. While the basic plan provides good features, the cost of upgrades may be a deciding factor for potential users.

Customer Feedback: Positive reviews highlight its effectiveness for fleet users and individual drivers who appreciate monitoring their vehicle’s health. Negative reviews cite frustrations with the interface and customer service response times.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Real-time tracking data
  • Three-minute refresh (upgrade options available)
  • Driver safety upgrade option
  • Roadside assistance upgrade option
  • Rechecks location every hour when car is turned off
  • International SIM card
  • Connects to OBD-II port
  • A lifetime warranty included with subscription

Price: $79.99

6. SpyTec GPS GL300 Tracker: Best Personal GPS Tracker With SOS

Spytec GPS GL300 Tracker, priced at $14.95 with a monthly subscription cost ranging from $25 to $30, boasts a 4.1 out of 5.0 Amazon review score based on approximately 13,000 ratings. Offering real-time tracking data with updates every 60, 30, or 5 seconds, depending on the subscription level, this tracker comes equipped with an international SIM card and provides up to two weeks of battery life.

Ideal for drivers desiring a consistent stream of notifications for tracking purposes, the Spytec GPS GL300 Tracker offers automatic updates when the vehicle is in motion. The app features a user-friendly interface with numerous specifications, making it suitable for those willing to pay a higher monthly subscription for enhanced features and a straightforward experience.


  • Enduring battery life for up to two weeks with quick recharge time
  • A lifetime warranty included with an active subscription
  • Customizable alerts and boundaries for tracking


  • Confusing setup with repetitive steps

Our Experience: Awarding it a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars, our team found the Spytec GL300 Tracker impressive in tracking accuracy and the ability to provide frequent updates. However, setup intricacies and costs affected its overall rating. The GL300 consistently updated us on the vehicle’s location, demonstrating accuracy within a few yards. The app’s Time Machine feature alerted us when the tracker stopped moving.

Customer Feedback: Positive reviews highlight tracking accuracy and a swift cancellation policy. Some customers express concerns about undisclosed monthly subscription costs.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Real-time tracking data
  • Updates every 60, 30, or 5 seconds (subscription-dependent)
  • International SIM card
  • Up to two weeks of battery life
  • Lifetime warranty with subscription

Price: $12.70

GPS Trackers For Cars Buying Guide

When shopping for car GPS trackers, evaluate factors to determine their desired functionality. Ensure a clear understanding of how GPS trackers work before making a purchase decision. Why? Because you want to be sure that you are choosing a device that meets your specific needs. Let’s tae a closer look at some of the things you should consider before buying.

Tracking And Data Collection

  • Explore two types of GPS tracking devices: real-time and delayed-time.
  • Real-time trackers offer live updates, including location and vehicle diagnostics, requiring a monthly subscription.
  • Delayed time trackers store data for later use, making them ideal for intermittent tracking, often with minimal or no monthly fees.

GPS Placement

Did you know some GPS tracking devices you need to hardwire, some can plug into the OBD2 port, and others can simply be hidden inside or outside the car? Yes, there are a lot of options so you need to factor in GPS placement. Consider various GPS tracker placements:

  • Portable Placement Trackers: These fit in or on a vehicle and are pocket-sized, allowing versatile placement. Ideal for small spaces and alternative tracking like bikes, but they need frequent battery charging.
  • Plug-In Trackers: Inserted into the OBD-II port, these draw power from the car, eliminating the need for recharging. However, they may stop tracking when the car is off.
  • Hardwired GPS Trackers: Connect to the car’s internal circuit, offering a permanent, install-and-forget solution suitable for all vehicles, including those without an OBD-II port.

Value And Subscription

For your car GPS tracker to work, you’ll need a subscription—typically monthly or annually, ranging from $20 to $25. Some plans include premium features like tracking driving habits, with possible activation and cancellation fees.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the best place to install a GPS tracker on a car?

The best place depends on the tracker type and your goal. For covert tracking, hide it in a discreet location, like under the car with a magnetic case or inside the trunk lining. For OBD-II trackers, plug them directly into the port under the dashboard. This ensures the tracker is hidden yet functional, providing accurate data without being easily detected.

You can learn more about where to hide a GPS tracker on a car here: https://gpstrackershop.com/where-to-hide-a-gps-tracker-on-a-car/

Yes, but with conditions. In most jurisdictions, you can legally place GPS trackers on vehicles you own. However, tracking someone without their consent can violate privacy laws. For example, if you are using a GPS spouse tracker to for the purpose of catching a cheating husband or wife that most likely would be a privacy rights violation. It’s crucial to understand the legal framework in your area or consult a legal expert before using a GPS tracker on someone else’s vehicle. This ensures your tracking practices are within legal boundaries.

Can GPS trackers in cars be detected?

Yes, GPS trackers can be detected using a GPS detector device, which identifies the radio frequencies the tracker emits. However, many GPS vehicle trackers go into a sleep mode to save battery life also making the devices undetectable. Therefore, regular vehicle inspections and awareness of unusual objects in the car’s hidden compartments can also reveal a tracker’s presence. Being vigilant helps in identifying any unauthorized tracking devices.

What should I look for in a car GPS tracker?

Prioritize features like real-time tracking, battery life, size, and waterproofing. A good GPS tracker offers precise location updates, durable battery performance, and is compact enough to be discreet. Also, consider if you need a waterproof design for exterior vehicle placement. These features ensure that the tracker meets your specific monitoring requirements effectively.

Do GPS car trackers have monthly fees?

Yes, all real time GPS trackers will require a monthly subscription plan for data. These data fees cover cellular service that transmits location data to your device. However, some live GPS tracker models operate without monthly fees, but that is because the cost of the subscription is built into the cost of the tracker. This is designed more as a marketing tactic because after the first year you would still need a data plan to continue tracking your vehicle.